Playing In Casinos

How to win playing in casinos is a question many people are wondering. They view others winning and wonder why they can’t win. Often when playing in a local casino and you are winning jackpots others will come up and say nice win.

Then you will hear them asking how did they win so much without really looking at the play they do not understand that when you win a lot it is normally because your betting quite a bit. If you play for small amounts you will hardly ever win a decent jackpot. Now this doesn’t mean you have to play hundreds at a time, but your odds a higher when your wagering on machines that offer the a dollar denomination. Plus you want to bet all lines, meaning if it is a nine line machine a common mistake is only betting five of those lines as the major jackpots are normally on the lines not bet.

Playing at online casinos is basically the same, the more you bet the more you can win and hit jackpots. If you do hit a win whether online or not it is recommended to keep playing the same machine for a while longer since a lot of the time when they are ready to hit they may hit multiple times. This is why when you notice someone who just keeps hitting you think wow that machine is loose, well not exactly it is just ready to pay out a certain amount and if the initial win is not enough it will continue to hit until it reaches the amount it was ready to pay. I have seen many times where a player walks away after an okay win and then the next person sits down and wins a massive amount which could have been the player who walked away win. Some people just think they are unlucky which could be true but more likely they give up to easy and do not put in the time or wager enough to hit the wins. Someone will win eventually so it is learning the machines and watching when they pay, since most of the time they do hit around same time of the week and time of day.

You can practice your skills at online casinos when you join up with the no deposit sites as this will give you an idea of how they are paying, then move on to play bigger amounts for the nice wins that are possible. For some just playing progressives are best as this is pure luck on hitting it right and the amount you wager really is not a huge amount but make sure you bet all lines and if possible wager maximum amounts to increase your odds.